HIDemyass is another VPN carrier that you may have heard about. HMA VPN (aka Hidemyass) is known as a well known VPN installer in the UK possessing long and intriguing background. HIDemyass provides claimed many unique features including enabling you to make use of Sim cards and mobile phones to view the Internet. When this allege is true, the way that they are put in place is sometimes suspicious and requires a bit more explanation.

HIDemyass’ web page promises that their system utilizes a book technique to maximize speeds – a alleged super biscuit system. To put it briefly, this system allows HIDemyass to work with the same technology used by cookies to “prepopulate” web pages with assorted advertisements, JavaScript code and HTML factors whenever a new user requests a page relating to the Internet. Should you remember returning, HIDemyass their website was between one of the first ISPs to put into action this new technology, but it turned out to be largely worthless, resulting in a detectable slowing down of HIDemyass’ website’s page speeds.

Although there is no apparent explanation why HIDemyass slows down web pages while using the brand new super biscuit system, one of the most accurate final result to combine this swiftness test is the fact HIDemyass’ servers are not configured in such a way about optimally path traffic throughout the Internet also to prevent man-made intelligence or perhaps database accidents. According to many individual speed check results, HIDemyass servers will be behaving erratically and often take unusually long to respond to varied commands. In some instances, their response time is extremely slow that their machine will be thought of a disaster place and consequently simply no new targeted traffic will be allowed in. When this might seem like a good characteristic if you want a low-priced VPN program, you should bear in mind it can easily negatively have an impact on your capability to use the internet and to save data.

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