Bisexual jargon: alcohol Bi: Bisexual only once intoxicated by alcoholic beverages.

Heteroflexible: Predominantly heterosexual, but having same-sex relations or gender from time to time.

Transgender Jargon

Head gender: the idea that male and female brains posses distinct traits that lead to differences in feelings and actions.

Admirer: an individual who is interested in transgender folk.

Bind: To conceal tits.

DQ: Dairy king, i.e. a drag queen that’s got chest implants.

SRS: Intercourse reassignment operation.

Transphobia: The fear and hatred of transgender anyone.

Tuck: To hide male genitals by tucking all of them between the thighs.

Tranny: Considered a derogatory slur to spell it out trans everyone.

Queer Slang

Ursula: Queer lady whom hangs completely with “bears”; also called a “Goldilocks.”

Cisgendered: Another phrase for non-trans anyone, which means that another person’s human anatomy and gender character fit.

Genderfuck: an individual who looks visibly gender variant.

Genderqueer: anyone it doesn’t—or don’t—adhere with the hope associated with sole two sex presentations what our very own society enables.

Bigender: Bigender someone diagnose as two sexes at the same time, or move between the two.

Gender material: making reference to a sex character that changes in time and/or circumstances in place of a resolve sex-role or gender queer term.

Girlfag: a female that is most interested in gay/bi guys.

Guydyke: a person that is really keen on lesbian/bi ladies. He might (or cannot) furthermore feel they are (totally or partly) a “lesbian in a man’s looks.”

Agender (non-gender): Not distinguishing with any gender, the feeling of getting no sex.

Common LGBTQ Slang:

Gaydar: jargon phrase your capability to decide different homosexuals. It is usually 90 percentage on point, or perhaps need it to be!

Beard: A “beard” are an individual of the opposite gender who marries or dates a closeted lesbian or homosexual person to cover-up their homosexuality.

KiKi: an expression used in gossip, small talk, communicating, or a heart to heart.

KaiKai: The act of pull queens sex together.

Shade, tossing Color, or Checking out anybody: a kind of insult. Bluntly pointing aside an individual’s faults or defects.

Slay: as on point, to victory, becoming exceptional, or perhaps to be the best.

Gag or Gaging: To respond intensely, usually as a consequence of shock; in addition works extremely well as an exclamation “She was actually gagging with excitement!”

Poz: HIV positive people.

Neg: HIV negative people.

NSA: No strings attached sex.

Butch: somebody that acts with additional stereotypical masculine qualities.

Femme: people that acts with an increase of stereotypical womanly traits

Gay Mafia/Velvet Mafia: Pejorative and unpleasant terminology the growth of gay rights organizations in politics, media, and every day life.

Phrase can cause damaging responses, but when put properly can encourage people. Empowerment is focused on phoning ahead and claiming inner power to all areas of existence. When a residential area of provided principles and plans all comes together, there was a natural inspiration that occurs. All energies are focused and directed along towards a standard good. The aim of jargon was to develop an easy way to split up anyone who was not area of the society of the same self-identifying cluster. But in the event the rest of society be aware of the same terminology, then people in general can relate to one another more and the world can be an improved location. Therefore, those who recognize in LGBTQ spectrum will not be embarrassed to be seen enjoying exactly who they would like to. YAAASSSS!

Gay Jargon

Twink: Usually younger or young-looking more compact, bald men.

Keep: Hairy, often big, stocky boys.

Daddy: Mature old guy.

King: Flamboyant gay guy.

Drag Queen: a person which dresses as or impersonates a woman for activity and program uses. Generally pull are a performance artwork. Some pull queens are now living in drag but never decide as trans, although some some perform.

Fag Hag or good fresh fruit Fly: a lady definitely a gay man’s good friend.

Cub: Typically stocky/heavier young boys and into bears. Like a cute little child keep.

Trade: Straight-acting/masculine (but nonetheless potentially closeted), and/or sporadically bisexual guy who’ll do sexual intercourse. Best for a-one night stand.

Top: The inserting sexual mate, the pitcher.

Base: The receptive intimate mate, the catcher.

Polar Bear: more mature bear with grayer tresses.

Wardrobe king: a gay guy who is a gay in secret, not-out.

Bareback: Gender without shelter.

Girl/Gurl: Phrase of endearment.

Werk: provide a superb demonstration. An expression definition to “work the body.”

Ladyboy: an individual who was born male but gift suggestions very femme.

Realness: The operate of coming across persuasive or sensible.

YAASSS: To indicate certainly, away from exhilaration of a scenario. Hails from ballroom pull traditions in Ny during the early 1980s—the documentary Paris is actually Burning—and their use enjoys advanced with pop tradition icons like Lady Gaga.

Portion seafood: pull queens whom seem to convincingly take a look feminine.

Fag/Faggot: Derogatory phase accustomed generalize the homosexual men populace. We are able to name both fags, your can’t give us a call fags. Got it?

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