After over yearly together we had a-trip wanted to Paris in June of 2017 with friends from The usa

A Bumble wedding in Paris

After over twelve months with each other we’d a trip wanted to Paris in Summer of 2017 with friends from America.

On the accumulation towards journey, Jamie believe this would be the perfect time to RECOMMEND TO IVANA whilst are in the middle of good friends, under the Eiffel Tower for the unofficial town of appreciation.

Confiding with close friends and parents ahead of time, and receiving the blessing from Ivanaa€™s mothers, Jamie prepared the engagement perfectly whilst Ivana got sidetracked by dealing with the travel itinerary entirely oblivious.

The scene, the setting as well as the timing were perfect as sun divide the heavens on a roasting hot Paris time. As each couples prepared getting an image of the Eiffel Tower, all aware of that was coming, we had been going last for apparent reasons.

As we both jumped-up to fully capture that stereotypical Instagrammable jumping visualize, Jamie fallen to his knee and recommended to Ivana with an emerald stone ring, and that is Ivanaa€™s birthstone. She stated certainly, shed multiple older men looking for younger women rips, and all of our class gone away with the nearest Paris pub to enjoy in to the wee time.

We have engaged in Paris according to the Eiffel Tower

We fulfilled on Bumble then give up our very own jobs & traveled the entire world

Ahead of the wedding, we had a 3.5 few days day at the southern hemisphere to consult with Ivanaa€™s parents in Perth, Australia before heading to head to Ivanaa€™s home town of Devonport in Auckland, brand new Zealand.

a subsequent journey as a result of the Southern area, preventing to heli-hike Franz Josef Glacier and skydive in Queenstown, it actually was after that that people chose we sooo want to fulfil our very own dreams of going the whole world.

During the time Ivana had been an Account Director employed in London and Jamie had been a gasoline professional in the borders of London. Both experiencing relatively unfulfilled with this efforts and expanding tired of the intensity and expenses associated with London rat race we made the decision the time is now to give up the employment and run pursue that fantasy.

After investing nine period of saving upwards as much cash possible, we leftover the U.K. in January 2018 to go to Asia on what ended up being supposed to be just a-one season sabbatical from services lifetime.

2.5 age later our company is however going after the dream about self-sustainable, locational freedom after starting a social networking and vacation blog posting business known as Wander in 2. Which has had recently been put into with a podcast several internet development techniques which hopefully will continue to finance this latest way of living that people have created whilst presently living in Bali.

We decided to give up the opportunities and travelling the whole world along

A Bumble event?

At the time of creating this particular article, at the beginning of 2020, our company is quickly approaching 5 years collectively and three years as an involved pair. Normally, we intentions to get hitched, but all-in blast, about thata€™s exactly what Jamie will say to you!

Ivana hopes for a marriage sooner rather than later, but we deal with the logistical headache of experiencing a great deal of Ivanaa€™s family in brand-new Zealand, Australian Continent and Croatia whilst Jamiea€™s friends and family are in the U.K. Not just that being nomads for 2 years we’ve got no solved home as well as have produced countless company from all over the world.

So a romantic date featuresna€™t been ready and a location continues to be quite up for debate. A factor is for certain it’ll be a conflict extremely best of Scottish and Kiwi/Croatian culture regardless of where the wedding are used.

In the meantime, we’re going to strive to build all of our Wander in 2 brand to be able to bring you a more sustainable earnings, that will let us be able to pay for and start preparing a wedding to remember.

It could have to be a travel themed wedding ceremony

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