Sociology Glossary. a political program under which a king or king possess total command over a country


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Glossary of Words in Sociology

Absolute monarchy

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a governmental program under which a master or queen has complete power over a country.

Gained standing

a status that people either make or determine and that is perhaps not at the mercy of where or even to who we had been born.

Agents of socialization

Folks, groups, and knowledge that shape our actions and self-esteem.


A collection of those who are in one room at the same time but I have not one link with the other person.

Agricultural or agrarian culture

a community that raises harvest through the help of animal-drawn plows.


The experience of employees in a bureaucracy they are undergoing treatment as objects instead of someone.

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In accordance with stress idea, the sensation of being disconnected from society which can occur when anyone arent given the institutionalized ways to attain their particular plans. The Definition Of ended up being created by Emile Durkheim.

Anticipatory socialization

The learning of the latest norms and principles in expectation of a future part.


a social system for which there is certainly full divorce of races.


The way we search physically some other men.

Ascribed standing

a characteristic or attribute group have due to the conditions of birth.


The method wherein people in a bunch surrender components of their particular lifestyle being merge to a different tradition.


a governmental program that doesn’t let people to sign up in authorities.


A particular idea that individuals think to be true.


Another label the working-class.


The methods for which we make use of the body knowingly and unconsciously to speak.


Karl Marxs phrase your people who own the way of productionfactories, companies, and products must develop money.


According to Weber, a form of official organization in which a logical method is used for your maneuvering of huge work.


The economical program where ways creation is possessed privately and individuals is liberated to keep your earnings they generate.

Capitalist lessons

In industrialized societies, the rich and effective therefore the people who own the ways creation. It is also known as elite group.

Status program

Something of stratification according to ascribed statuses.


A collection of those who communicate some characteristic but have nothing else in common.

Charismatic power

Expert that varies according to the private magnetism of one person, in accordance with Webers power idea.


a spiritual group incorporated with society.

Lessons program

Something of stratification centered on achieved statuses.


The center stratum from the home program of stratification, consists of Roman Catholic priests.


An interior cluster or faction within friends.


The inclination for a powerful nation to invade a weakened nation being make use of their sources by creating they a nest.


The best stratum from the estate program of stratification, made up of the people of people that spent their own lives involved with hard physical labor.


a financial system comparable to socialism for which most of the ways manufacturing was owned by everyone and all earnings would be shared just as by every person.

Conflict concept

Marxs principle that in virtually any capitalist society there’s endless dispute within owners of the ways of production and staff members.

Dispute view of deviance

The view that purports that equivalence in a capitalist people try an impression. Proprietors from the means of creation posses a vested curiosity about sustaining the status quo by continuing to keep the working lessons in a disadvantaged place.


Relating to Mertons concept of needs and means, those that accept social targets and the institutionalized ways reaching them.

Constitutional monarchy

A monarchy wherein the reigning person in the royal family members is the symbolic mind of condition but elected officials actually do the governing.

Regulation concept

Walter Recklesss principle that posits that whenever you were inclined to take part in deviance, inner settings and outside settings can possibly prevent her or him from this.


An easy method of living that opposes the dominant traditions.

Criminal Activity

The breach of a written laws.

Criminal activity from the people

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