Is Grindr Banning Trans Profiles? Grindr, the iphone 3gs and BlackBerry �dating� application targeted at gay guys, may have a trans difficulties on its hands

Grindr, the new iphone 4 and BlackBerry �dating� software aimed at gay males, have a trans difficulties on the palms. Currently fighting off the notion that the app may be used by-child molesters and murderers to track down victims, Grindr today appears implicated of deleting any mention of trans consumers transness. Scandal? Revision: Grindr service states it doesn�t prohibit trans users, but proof reveals or else. Update: Grindr�s creator reacts. And we�ve heard from most unhappy trans Grindr users.

Relating to a contact delivered to all of us, one trans individual who receive his visibility becoming got rid of wrote directly into Grindr:

�You say you intend to stay away from inciting �racism, bigotry, hatred or real damage of any kind�? Subsequently precisely why into the hell would you avoid me personally from saying that I�m �FTM,� that Im �trans,� hence I am �transgender�? Do you think that�s something to be uncomfortable of? That it in any way avoids people from chatting me personally? That it’s thus hateful circumstances that it should be censored? Phrase on the smart, it’s perhaps not intimate. it is perhaps not a reference to pills. it is certainly not profanity. It�s not a service or a massage or barebacking. It�s outright prejudice and bigotry from you, plus it�s incorrect. I hope you can get seriously prosecuted for discrimination. But mostly i really hope that the person who produced that decision does not get put for at least 7 years. Since You suck.� Grrr.

Adds the user�s buddy and Queerty reader might:

I’m a nontrans homosexual man whom uses the service to get together with both nontrans guys and transmen, and I�m completely disgusted with Grindr�s most recent number of gaystream discrimination. Me and several my pals are boycotting this service membership by deleting the records until Grindr models up-and closes transphobia against their trans people as well as their lovers.

We realize Grindr actively monitors profile text and photo � since it has got to. The app confronted banishment from the software shop before originator Joel Simkhai guaranteed Apple it might police photo for things sexual (or sexually effective). Which means it�s possible Grindr�s moderators become purposefully removing trans profiles.

Which begs the question: Why? Because trans the male is somehow perhaps not man adequate for Grindr?

We�ve achieved out to Grindr for feedback and can promote whatever you listen to.

ENHANCE: added e-mail involving the above trans individual and customer support has Grindr saying it does not prohibit trans customers:

Thank-you for contacting us.

We do, every so often, bring needs from some consumers to ban/remove girls/transexual/transgender/transmen through the application. Here may be the impulse we give to the individuals requesting a ban.


Thanks for calling united states. While Grindr is actually mostly marketed towards Gay, Bisexual, and Questioning guys, we do NOT discriminate on a basis of battle, faith, orientation, or gender character. All customers tend to be freely welcomed to make use of Grindr.

If you don’t need to discover this individual within cascade, please block this user while we would endorse you will do with any individual that you don’t wish to discover.


Thus � whether your friends(trans/non-trans) comprise prohibited, it wasn’t simply because they truly are trans. It absolutely was due to the fact that they broken all of our regards to agreement and posted content(be it image, or text) of an inappropriate characteristics. Should they would wish to contact the review professionals and offer us with regards to equipment ID ideas, we would be more than happy to recommend all of them regarding the reason for their particular bar.

Regards, Jared

� Jared P. Grindr Support Customer Service Assistant Supervisor

But when an individual tried changing his profile? Terminology like �FTM,� trans,� �FTM/trans,� and �transgender man� are obstructed. A listing of each user profile modify he attempted:

1. �Well mannered south child into some NSA fun. FTM/trans very better become hep to this or step.� 2. ��Well mannered south son with a penchant for dental linguistics. FTM/trans so better getting hep to this or step.� 3. �Well mannered southern guy with a penchant for many sorts of fun. FTM/trans thus well feel hep compared to that or step.� 4. �FTM/trans therefore best be hip compared to that.� 5. �FTM, so getting stylish to this.� 6. �Trans, very getting hip to that particular.� 7. �Transgender man, very feel stylish to that�. NOTA BENE: explaining me as a �transgender man� � ewww. So not a hot identifier. It�s like claiming �vagina� as opposed to �pussy� or �anal hole� rather than �butt.� But i did so they as you learn you need to disclose that you�re trans on the website. It��s maybe not apparent, therefore�s maybe not everybody�s thing � I get that. But still�. not beautiful. But actually that performedn�t make the grade, and so I attained (hoping to confound the keywords these were making use of)� 8. �Trannytranstranstrans. Seemingly Grindr doesn�t fancy pages that use that phrase.� Today they continue to haven�t removed this one but.

REVISE 2: Grindr�s Joel Simkhai reacts: �on no account do we delete/ban/censor transgendered consumers. There is several thousand consumers which decide on their own as transgendered and they’re welcome people in the Grindr area. I am upset that you would publish articles such as this based on what appears to be an anecdotal and incorrect report from a single consumer. Did you explore or ask some other consumers about their activities because of this problems when you ran this story? I might understand should you decide was given a few reports, but working a post along these lines centered on one report seems presumptuous and it is a disservice to your transgendered people. We inquire which you change the inaccurate headline �Grindr: No Trans Guys Allowed� since Grindr embraces folks such as transgendered people.�

Really, since uploading the earliest item we�ve heard from four trans Grindr customers whom report very similar encounters. �I�ve listed myself as �trans� since setting up Grindr about four several months back but after upgrading my visibility about 3 wks back, for reasons uknown I wasn�t permitted to list myself as �trans� or �transgender,’� writes one user. �I imagined it absolutely was merely a fluke until I read your item.� Brings another, from Chicago neighborhood: �THANK your QUEERTY! Ditto happened certainly to me. I have already been blocked for using �MTF� and �trans� during my profile.� Here�s one from outside Boston: �used to don�t just be sure to transform my personal visibility as many times due to the fact people in your post because we gave up after several period and now just set me as �t*r*a*n*s.� In Some Way that worked.�

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