Single Muslim trusted the web based Islamic matchmaking markets

Started in 2000, UK-based individual Muslim happens to be a number one international Islamic matchmaking site. This is the basic mover aiding young UK Muslims pick being associates using the internet. The working platform supplies an optional, Islamically acceptable program for small Muslims to engage and look for his or her life couples.

Sole Muslim was launched each time whenever online dating sites got increasing grip. The opportunity to encounter potential existence mate in a flexible, latest method got an unmet need at the moment it am founded. There were a generation of more youthful Muslims sick and tired of traditional matchmaking that required societal demands, and frequently triggered numerous eligible Muslims struggle to pick someone.

“The primary reason ended up being that many of us comprise the first creation of [young] Muslims [in the UK] struggling to find spouses. Commonly, marriages comprise positioned between homes and Muslims seen forced because mothers used unique, commonly outdated knowledge,” stated President and creator Adeem Younis.

Due to the fact demand for on the web matrimonial treatments rises among young decades of Muslims, this service membership which is available from individual Muslim will be increasingly essential. The working platform offers the very same usability as internet dating, like the capability to chat, content and hook up, it is tailored around major commitments.

“The thing to be aware of regarding this assistance usually it is actually fundamental around the standards of Muslims, which is a “completion of your values” kind of solution and critical to the increasing and rising demographic,” claimed Younis.


  1. Much more than 10% regarding the UK’s estimated 2.5 million Muslims happen to be licensed making use of webpages
  2. It offers promoted over 10,000 games causing marriages since beginnings


The worldwide market for dating online ended up being calculated at $2.1 billion in 2014 by marketing research company IBISWorld, with around CAGR of 3 percent through 2020.

The Islamic notion of matchmaking differs basically from ‘conventional’ online dating and Muslim requirements, specifically those of Muslim millennials, who’ve been unaddressed by standard internet sites.

The potential Muslim marketplace for Islamic on the web matchmaking surpassed $120 million in 2014, supposing Muslims stand for 6 percentage of total sector value, in the same symmetry to Muslim share with the Consumer-Facing Digital marketplace, as highlighted into the status of international Islamic market 2015/16 report by Thomson Reuters in combination with DinarStandard.

Knowing the special demands of Muslims, sole Muslim features wanted to give you an Islamically appropriate platform for younger Muslims to activate and discover an appropriate life partner.


Single Muslim possess focused on the Muslim industry, and interests Muslims as a “service for Muslims work by Muslims”, unlike other online matchmaking treatments that, as stated by Younis, have a tendency to provide a “white-label item” which sold to Muslims so that you may other communities, but may often result in some other companies that might clash using values of Muslims..

Generating successes across a variety of communities might necessary to sole Muslim designing reliability concerning people. Based on their websites, it generates at the very least four success stories one day, and demonstrably showcases these reviews with regard to their critical advertising and marketing energy.

The platform comes with a unique method to competitor which underlines the organization’s self-esteem with its providing.

Younis said, “We embrace opposition and feel that it forces understanding of the matrimonial service plus the requirement of it, and it’s definitely not untypical for Muslims to work with a few service provider before carefully deciding which most closely fits their demands.”

Solitary Muslim has also extended into different industry, such as the U.S., Canada, the center eastern and Pakistan.


Sole Muslim is adept an including moms and dads in the research techniques and it has gave them the opportunity to develop kinds, finding the process going earlier in the day.

“i do believe mothers need to be even more mixed up in on line range steps, and start considering the process a lot early in the day. Muslims should also feel informed at a more youthful age concerning their parts and responsibilities…we all urge families to gather concerned from beginning and enjoy personal participation for the browse system. The Truth Is, we come across that as the gains locations for our companies.”


Solitary Muslim is expecting good growth in the demand for internet based Islamic matchmaking, underpinned by a more youthful demographic that will demand matchmaking services through the coming year. .


An important difficulty the working platform faced am scaling the business, largely around money marketing and advertising and tech work.

However, despite this, the organization had a sturdy enterprize model and managed to generate resources internally without necessitating significant additional investments, verified Younis.

Another problem certainly is the creating competition searching for Islamic using the internet matchmaking. However, the firm anticipates to keep up its basic competitive benefit.

“There are more entrants entering the market industry due to its increases and elegance, particularly as latest cash will come in from VC agencies. In particular, we also may discover even more traditional people wanting aim for the Muslim market…However, most people preserve our personal gap, that is definitely that individuals aren’t frivolous but promote really, extremely serious concept,” Younis stated.


Concentrating on the Muslim clients part for companies that need different tailoring to Islamic worth might end up being practical enough to produce vital range.

Create testimonials and industry those plainly to potential people and clients.

Track down various other essential influencers in on the web dating/matchmaking techniques and in addition handle them within your advertisements and goods plan.

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